Makes 2 quarts

(be sure to read note at end before beginning)

Combine in large bowl:
3c. powdered milk
6 c. warm water

Stir well. Add:
1 can evaporated milk OR 1 2/3 c. scalded whole milk (Again, I use powdered milk, just with extra powder)

Combine separately:
1/4-1/2 c. yogurt starter, which may be plain yogurt purchased or it may be dry yogurt cultures that are purchased dry such as what I am showing in this photo.
1 c. milk from the bowl

Blend until smooth and return to remaining milk. Mix well. Pour into clean jars. Place in crock pot surrounded by warm water or an insulated picnic cooler. If you have a newer crock pot, made since roughly 2004, do not turn the crock pot on, as it will be too hot and burn the yogurt. Incubate at 110-120° until set. Refrigerate

Another variation I have found good is sprinkling some nonflavored gelatin onto the scalding milk and stirring in. This helps thicken it. Other ways to thicken is to incubate longer or add more powdered milk to the mixture before incubating.

The kids love adding a little sweetener and vanilla into it. You could also use it for sour cream.

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