Pop Corn

Pop Corn on the Stove

What you need:

1 medium size sauce pan with lid

1 big bowl

1 large spoon


2 Tbs. Oil

1/2 C. Popcorn corn

1/3 C. Butter (melted)
1/4 tsp. Salt

Small hand full of nutritional  Brewers yeast


Add oil and corn to a medium size sauce pan and put the lid on it.

Bring it to the stove (if is wasn’t there already) then turn the burner to one degree higher then medium heat.

Shake from time to time when the corn is popping.

When the popcorn is done popping, remove it from the burner, and pour it into a big bowl.

Pour the butter in little by little while stirring.

Put the salt and brewers yeast in  the pop corn while stirring.


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